Who is This Guy?

My name is Joe Conrad. I am the wine buyer for two restaurants in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Nosh and The Blue Star are where I spend the majority of my nine to five work days. Nosh has a small, eclectic, New World focused wine list with about sixty bottle choices ranging from $30 to $110. The Blue Star has a wine novel that consists of over 700 wines with strong focus on California and vintage Port. The Blue Star’s wine bottles range from $30 to $2000+. The majority of my work time goes to the maintaining and maintenance of this behemoth of a list. This maintenance involves many paper cuts, many disputes with the printer, and copious amounts of wine tasting. On an average week, I taste and spit more wine than most wine drinkers consume in a year!

A few weeks ago, I took my level one sommelier exam. The drive to Denver for two consecutive days at 6:30AM was the hard part. Passing the test wasn’t that bad. I would suggest that anyone with an interest in wine and $500 burning a hole in their pocket, take it. It’s a fun course.  The only reason I mention that is to give myself just a touch of credibility. If I wrote a blog about proper storage of bio-hazardous methadone clinical syringes, I would hope someone would ask for a little proof of certification. Of course, this is just about wine. If I don’t know all of the facts, no one gets hurt.

Truth is: I’m not a wine scholar. I don’t want to be a Master Sommelier. To say that I am, or always have been passionate about wine, would be a lie. I enjoy writing more than I enjoy drinking wine. I do, however, love what I do. I love my job, and I find passion in being the best that I can be in whatever task I’m taking on. I happen to be the wine buyer for a restaurant that has tremendous pride in their wine list. Therefore, my passion is in wine.

Who am I? Just a guy that drinks a lot of wine, and loves to write!


View my restaurants’ wine lists:

Nosh: http://nosh121.com/grapesgrains/default.asp
The Blue Star: http://www.thebluestar.net/WineSpirits.asp


  1. #1 by Marti Mitchell on March 4, 2011 - 5:19 AM

    Well here it starts ! Makes me so happy to see you write! I have said for years writing is your calling. I am glad that now others will be able to agree with me now.

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